George and Jamie Haskell

Our names are George and Jamie and we created Whiskr to help people like you find better deals on travel. We started our travels together on our honeymoon back in 2009 and never stopped. It wasn’t long before friends and family started asking us how we could afford to spend so much time in traveling.
It actually took a ton of work! We used to browse forums, blogs, and airfare sites constantly looking for amazing fares. Finding amazing flight deals was tough and we decided it needed to be easier.
Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend trip or an exotic journey around the world, we hope to help you make it a little easier and a lot more affordable.

Edward Ramirez

Travel is my second name. I'm Edward by the way. I managed to travel to 20+ countries while slowly making my way through college, much to my parents dismay. Eventually, I made them happy, graduated and now I get to work for Whiskr, the best travel website in the world!

Dan Carroll

Coming from an Air Force family, Dan has been dragged around the world since he was a kid. After spending time in South America and Europe, he fell in love with travel. Dan now codes for a living to pay for airline tickets.